Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Musings on Learning to Cook

Dinner for today is in the crock pot (review and recipe tomorrow) and since yesterday we had barbecue chicken leftovers (made by wonderful husband) I don't have a recipe to post- but if I'm feeling generous may be posting a yummy dessert, stay tuned.

So, in place of that, I will be discussing my opinion of cooking.  I never learned to cook as a kid.  It never occurred to me that one day, knowing how to make more than pancakes, scrambled eggs, and macaroni and cheese would be useful.  Instead, I learned to bake.  Being active in sports throughout high school, I would go to practice, come home, bake some new recipe and then pig out (and yet somehow I still had rocking abs, no idea how!).

So when I got married, I was shocked that my husband didn't consider lemon meringue pie or decadent brownies as a suitable dinner substitute.  And after being a vegetarian for about two years, some of the meals he prepared shocked me.  I couldn't stomach eating beef more than two times a week.  We grew up on rice and beans every day!

Well, things have changed a bit.  I eat a lot more meat than I used to (actually craved it most days when I was preggers), and I am trying to learn that you don't need a recipe to cook.

I envy people that can just throw things together and have a three course meal.  My husband can do that, maybe he should be writing this blog!  But, it is one of my goals to be able to provide healthy, fulfilling meals for every member of my family and so I am trying.  I still live by a cookbook, but I am much more lenient with it, making more substitutions and adding in things of my own that suit our family's tastes.

This blog is not for the expert cooker.  I mean, sure, read it, and by all means, offer your feedback, but I intend this blog to be for someone like me, who is an average cook, trying to learn and improve.

Together I'm sure we can help each other out!!

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